Case Study

    A Sucess Story Of Profound Digital Consulting

    $1.4M in Additional Annual Revenue for this Kia Dealer

    Our Kia client faced challenges in onboarding new technical vendors due to a lack of streamlined processes. Without an effective conversion tracking strategy and management system, lack of insight caused decreased revenue.

    Key Focuses

  • End-to-end consulting
  • Vendor Management
  • CRM/DMS/DR Configuration
  • Solutions

    Our team Implemented a sound vendor management strategy and configured google cloud to track conversion data. Immediately after, we audited and cleansed their CRM and DMS to perform efficiently


    With just these minute changes, we increased overall revenue by $1.4M in as little as 6 months. Our client took advantage of our expertise and leaned on our strategies when adding new vendors. Outside of consulting, website traffic increased by 30%, and form executions increased by 24% (with our secret sauce).

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